Thursday, October 18, 2007

My First Blog Mate Rendezvous

Love Beyond Gender

I never thought that blogging can create new friendships and meet new wonderful people.

Yesterday, I was able to meet the authors of one of my most favorite blog BISEAN. It's a blog about the wonderful things in South East Asia, the region where I live, and the authors blog about their visits to SE Asian countries. Their insights are a fresh view of my country and they are seeing everything through a home and foreign eyes for they are all half-Asians.

I did not ask permission to write about them but I would just like to record my wonderful experience meeting these BEAUTIFUL people. At first, I felt awkward because I look like a little child walking along with them for they are tall and slim and almost celebrity-like. There is an air of (what do you call it?)..."royalty" about them but truly down-to-earth.

Pisanu is exceptionally friendly and (if I may say) sexy. Those dark green eyes melt me whenever he looks at me (I'm blushing now). He likes to make conversations with just about everybody around. I laugh when he gets frustrated when people don't understand what he is saying. I learned that he speaks more than 9 languages and to top it all, he is an expert in sign language. Yes! He even makes conversation with our deaf brothers. Truly an admirable guy.

Sofia looks like a mannequin off a fashion runway. Although she looks this way, she gladly smiles to everyone staring at her and even say hello all the time. She may sound very whiny on their blog but never have I heard her complain when we were walking around my city Phnom Penh.

Morgan is like a little boy who likes to eat every food he sees. I learned one of his passion is cooking and he was collecting recipes from restaurants! That was really funny!

Sucre is the silent type. She likes to observe everything. I love it when she tried to finish 5 banana cups of Amok Trei, a Cambodian signature dish. Tommy is like the big brother of the gang. He is the one who controls everybody when things get out of hand. Very authoritative but charming.

There was this one hilarious instance when they asked me to take them to our national Tourism Office. When we got there, they insists on meeting the Minster of Tourism! But of course he was not available. The whole building was in awe when the Biseaners (as they are called by one of their readers) asked to change the tourism slogan on the official website! I was also in awe! They must have a ton of confidence to ask a national bureau just like that!

I was wondering why these smart, attractive people are not working for a living. I am quite sure they will be an asset for a compny who would hire them. But, it's their personal choice. So, I respect it.

Tomorrow, they invited me to go with them to Sihanoukville, Cambodia's beach province. I am very thankful that they wanted to meet me again. They are truly amazing people promoting brotherhood (sisterhood, in my case) in our region they optly call "PARADISE".


Erick Lau said...

I had the chance to meet them too, Arunny. When I went to Bangkok a few months ago, they are so hospitable to show me around. Did they already show you how they party? Oh my gosh! It is a chance of a lifetime. I'm Eric from Singapore. How are you?

Arunny Chantou said...

Thanks for your comment Eric. I believe you are the first ever! lol. Yes, I really enjoyed being with the Biseaners. How can others be as lucky? Good looks, the height (oh my, I'm really jealous!), the confidence and of course, the money. [blushing]

I also have seen those legs they joke about "the longest legs in SE Asia". It's really funny when they raise their legs all at once. LOL

Thanks again Eric. If you're in Phnom Penh, give me a shout. Don't be a stranger. :-)

The Zen Bitch said...

hi arunny,

i am mike. i'm a filipino but i've been working here in cambodia since 2004. i, too, have been corresponding with sofia of bisean. unfortunately, my work schedule might not allow a rendezvous with them. anyway, i hope you visit my 2 blogs: the zen bitch speaks and two-tongued poetry. you can find them at let's exchange links! take care, mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Arunny,

Nice report on your meeting with the BISEANers. I've been one of their regular readers and have been loving their thoughts, interest, and compassion for Southeast Asia and most recently our country.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with them. I wish I were at home in PP, or I could have joined you.

Way to go Arunny and BISEANers!


curbside_puppet said...

that's tight! haven't seen them though although they are in town.
i'm from manila though.